Union Jack Bet Calculator

A Union Jack is a type of combination bet. It gives you 8 different treble combinations from 9 selections and therefore, does not offer full coverage of all combinations. It is considered to be a novelty bet and most commonly placed on horse racing.

What is a Union Jack Bet Calculator?

A Union Jack bet calculator will help calculate the odds of each treble in your bet. It is possible to place an each way Union Jack bet. For this, you double your stake and place two different bets or halve your stake and split it between the two bets. There is then a win Union Jack and a place Union Jack. Each way terms of a horse race can vary, and they can be found beneath the odds of your chosen race(s).

How to Calculate your Union Jack Bet

If your selections are named A-I, then they can placed in a grid such as this:


The 8 trebles of your bet are:

  • Horizontal trebles: ABC, DEF and GHI
  • Vertical trebles: ADG, BEH and CFI
  • Diagonal trebles: AEI and CEG

The odds of each treble can be calculated by multiplying the odds of the three selections in it together, for example ABC. If you multiply the odds of each treble by your base stake, you can calculate how much you could potentially win. Add together the potential payouts for all 8 trebles to see how much you could win if all 9 selections are correct.

Fractions vs Decimals

Both decimal and fractional odds can be used when using a Union Jack bet calculator. You must be consistent, and odds types cannot be mixed together. Whichever form of odds you choose makes no difference to the calculation.

Union Jack Bet Example

A Union Jack is purely a trebles bet – there are no other multiples and no large accumulator. Certain selections feature in more legs of your bet than others. E is present in four trebles, while A, C, G and I are in 3 parts of your bet. The remaining selections are only involved in 2 treble bets. It is therefore important to arrange your selections based on how confident you are that each selection will win.

Let’s say your selections have the following odds:

A – 2/1 (3.00)B – 6/4 (2.50)C – 2/1 (3.00)
D – 5/1 (6.00)E – 1/1 (2.00)F – 3/1 (4.00)
G – 3/1 (4.00)H – 7/1 (8.00)I – 2/1 (3.00)

Selections A, D, E, F and G win, but selections B, C, H and I all lose. If you have placed a £1 Union Jack (total stake of £8), you will win on the following trebles:

ADG: £1 x 3.00 x 6.00 x 4.00 = £72

DEF: £1 x 6.00 x 2.00 x 4.00 = £48

This gives a total return of £120. If you subtract your stake, that’s a profit of £112. As you can see, returns can be significant, even if only some selections win. However, it is possible to have as many as six winning selections without forming a winning treble.

When to Use a Union Jack Bet Calculator

A Union Jack bet calculator is used for calculating then odds and payouts of each treble in a Union Jack bet. You can also compare it to other bets to see which gives the best value for money. Check out our reviews of the best sports betting sites to get the best odds on your next union jack bet.