No Deposit Bonuses Explained

In our free bet and sign up bonus guides, we talked you through offers that required you to deposit and place a bet to qualify for a free bonus. However, in some cases, bookmakers will offer you a no deposit offer, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

In cases like this, you will not need to deposit anything and will be awarded one free bet when you sign up with a bookmaker.

No Deposit Bonus

How a no deposit offer works

A no deposit offer is a sign up offer that provides a free bet bonus without having to place a qualifying bet.

You will still have to register with the bookmaker giving out the offer, providing standard registration details and payment details to make future deposits and withdrawals.

Unlike other free bet offers, though, you do not have to earn the free bet by placing an initial – nor do you have to make a deposit in the first place.

How common are they?

No deposit offers are, unfortunately, not as common as other sign up offers.

Regularly, sportsbooks will offer new customer promotions such as bet £10 get £30, or deposit bonuses up to £100, with no deposit offers a rare commodity by comparison.

Naturally, the benefit of not having to deposit at all to place your first bet can be a great advantage. However, it is likely a no deposit offer will provide a smaller amount in total free bets than other offers.

For example: Even if you deposited £10 and lost your first bet, a bet and get offer would still leave you with two to four free bets depending on the offer. A no deposit offer usually leaves you with just one free bet; so if you lose, you will have to deposit anyway to continue playing with that bookmaker.

What’s the catch?

No deposit offers really do come with no added catch, which is perhaps why they are less frequently offered by bookmakers. The same rules apply to no deposit bonuses as regular free bets:

  • You only collect your winnings and do not win your free stake back, which makes short-odds offers worth less and encourages longer-odds bets
  • Most bookmakers will give you a seven-day limit to use your free bet, although some may give 30 days and Sky Bet has no expiry date

Just like in our free bets and sign up offer guides, though, we would always recommend double checking the terms and conditions of your no deposit offer, as every promotion may have its own unique rules.

Choose your Free Bet

No Deposit Bonuses

Sky Bet – £10 deposit free

An offer Sky Bet has run in the past is an example of the standard no deposit promotion bookmakers would offer. This offer is not currently available with the bookmaker but serves as a good example.

The amount Sky Bet offered was a £10 free bet for signing up. So, to gain the free bet, you would sign up with Sky Bet, provide your registration and payment details, and receive your £10 free bet without having to do anything else.

This £10 could only be used on one bet but it could be used on any Sky Bet market. It is unlikely a bookmaker would offer you a no deposit offer worth more than £10-20.

Ladbrokes – £1 free bet

An offer that is currently running is Ladbrokes’ £1 free bet, which can be earned without a deposit or qualifying bet and is available to both new and existing customers.

To claim the free bet, simply log in and accept the terms; the bet will then be valid for seven days.

Although the amount is very small, it does not require a deposit or qualifying bet and is run regularly by Ladbrokes.

Free-to-play games

More recently, sportsbooks have developed free-to-play predictor games that can qualify you for free bets without having to place a qualifying bet.

While this is a slightly different category, it is technically a form of no deposit offer. As they cost nothing to play, there is no harm in regularly playing to try and win free bets.

888sport Football Predictor

888sport offers a free-to-play football predictor which could win you up to £8,000 in cash.
But the main appeal from a promotional perspective, is the fact you can earn a £1 free bet for each correct pick, even if you do not get them all right.
You would only need to predict match result markets, not correct scores, and your free bets would be available for seven days. Depending on your success, you could earn anywhere between £1 and £7 in free bets at a time, although these would come in several separate, smaller bets.

Coral Correct 4

Coral’s free-to-play football predictor operates in similar fashion, although you have to answer four questions to play instead of predict match markets.

You can win £50 in cash if you answer all four correctly. From a free bet perspective, you can win a £2 free bet if you answer three questions right and a £1 free bet if you answer two questions correctly.

All prizes are credited within 24 hours of the final whistle. Ultimately, the amount on offer here is once again a small one – but there is no cost to playing and therefore no deposit needed.

Ladbrokes 1-2 Free

Another Ladbrokes promotion offers similar rewards to the Coral Correct 4. With this free-to-play game, you have to predict three correct scores. Admittedly, this is a more precise and challenging game but the free bet rewards are slightly higher.

A full win could win you £100 in cash but two out of three correct predictions earns you a £5 free bet; one correct prediction earns you a £1 free bet.