Trixie Bet Calculator

Three selections can be combined in a Trixie bet. This bet contains 4 legs and you can win with just 2 correct selections. Trixie bets are popular with horse racing fans, but they can be used to bet on any kind of sport.

What is a Trixie Bet Calculator?

A Trixie bet calculator will calculate the odds of each leg of your bet. There are three doubles and one treble in a Trixie. If you wish, you can place an each way Trixie on events which allow it. This gives you the security of still potentially winning if your selections are beaten. Each way terms can vary and places from 2nd to 5th can be paid out, depending on the total number of runners at 1/4 or 1/5 the original odds. The terms are generally displayed beneath the odds for a race.

How to Calculate your Trixie Bet

Calculating a Trixie bet is quite easy. The odds of each selection in a leg must be multiplied together to show the odds for the leg. If your three selections are called A, B and C, then the odds for each leg can be calculated thusly:

  • Doubles: A x B, A x C and B x C
  • Treble: A x B x C

To calculate the potential return for each leg, simply multiply your stake by the odds. Add the totals of each leg together to find out how much you could win if all three of your selections are correct.

Fractions vs Decimals

A betting calculator will accept both fractional and decimal odds, but never a mixture of both. The type of odds you use is all down to your own personal preference. However, when calculating odds without using a betting calculator, there is a slight preference for decimal odds as they make the arithmetic easier.

Trixie Bet Example

As there are fewer legs in a Trixie than in many other combination bets, stakes are often a little higher. A £5 Trixie is a fairly standard bet for horse racing bettors and costs a total of £20. If your three selections have odds of 3/1 (4.00), 4/1 (5.00) and 7/1 (8.00), potential returns are:

  • A x B double: £5/1 x (3 + 1) = £20; £20/1 x (4 + 1) = £100
  • A x C double: £5/1 x (3 + 1) = £20; £20/1 x (7 + 1) = £160
  • B x C double: £5/1 x (4 + 1) = £25; £25/1 x (7 + 1) = £200
  • A x B x C treble: £5/1 x (3 + 1) = £20; £20/1 x (4 + 1) = £100; £100/1 x (7 + 1) = £800

Total returns for all three selections being correct are £1260, showing that potential winnings can be huge with a Trixie.

When to Use a Trixie Bet Calculator

A Trixie bet calculator will work out both the odds and potential payout for each leg of your bet. There is a greater chance of winning with a Trixie than with many other combination bets due to the fact that you need fewer correct selections to win every leg of the bet.