Roulette Systems

Roulette is a game that immediately springs to mind when you think of casinos. Accessible and relatively simple to learn how to play, it has become markedly popular in online casinos in recent years. It is not surprising then that interest in learning roulette systems has also grown, with thousands of people across the world keen to find free roulette systems that work.

If you’re in search of a roulette winning formula that can bring you success at the wheel in your online casino then this is the article for you. While it is hard to pinpoint the most successful roulette strategy of all time, you can pick up some important pointers from reading this article.

What is a Roulette System?

A roulette system is a plan and money management strategy that aims to improve your chances of winning when you are playing at the roulette table. Even the most cursory internet search will bring up dozens of different potential systems that all seem to promise you a roulette winning formula. In truth, it is really hard to find free roulette systems that work all the time. You are always at the mercy of fortune when it comes to where the ball lands on a roulette wheel, and the house will always have an edge.

But despite that, it is possible to formulate strategies based on systems that already exist. Finding the right roulette winning formula for you is often a case of developing your experience and finding things that suit your patterns of play. Roulette is like any other activity – the more you do it, the more your skills increase. In the next section of this article, we’ll outline some roulette systems that you can use to help improve your chances of success. The most successful roulette strategy for you, though, will be one that you adapt yourself. It might be a case of taking a look at the ideas here and adapting them to suit you.

5 Roulette Systems that you can Use Online

You may already have heard of some of these systems as they can sometimes be translated over to other casino games. If you’re looking to build the most successful roulette strategy possible, you can look at each of these concepts and adapt them to suit your personal needs. Some are simple, while others can be quite complex.

The Martingale

This is probably the best known of all betting systems, and it is often used by players of games other than roulette. This works best when you are placing simple bets with an almost 50/50 outcome. So betting on red or black in roulette lends itself to this system. It works in the following way: if your bet loses, you double your stake for your next bet. This process continues until you have won or your bankroll is exhausted. By the time you win, you should have covered all of your losses, though this is not guaranteed, of course.

The problem with using this system in online casinos is that most online casinos have betting limits. This means that you can only double your bets up to a certain point. But the system is a useful one to know if you’re looking for a roulette winning formula.

Paroli progression (Parlay)

This has some similarities with the Martingale system. Again, it works best on bets where you have a roughly 50/50 chance of winning. It is a very simple system at heart that can be boiled down to: if your bet wins, double your next bet, and if it loses start over with a bet of one currency unit. It is the reverse of the Martingale in many ways, though players who use this system often run into a similar issue. This issue comes down to finding when is the best point at which to stop doubling your bets and walking away, as there will always come a bet where you lose.

Labouchere strategy

Sometimes called the Split Martingale, this system dates back to the 19th century, when it was formulated by an English aristocrat called Henry Labouchère. Again, this system works best when you are betting on the 50/50 wagers, like betting on red or black. As with the Martingale, with this system you increase your bet size when you lose, but you are not attempting to recoup all of your potential losses with one bet, as you are with the Martingale. Instead, you are attempting to recoup your losses in a number of spins roughly equivalent to half the number of your losing spins.

You start this system by writing three numbers in sequence, we’ll use 1, 2 and 3 as an example. The sum of these mumbers, in this case 6, will be your profit when you end your roulette session. You should start by betting the sum of the first and last number in the sequence. In this case, that is 1+3 which equals 4. When you win, you erase the two numbers you have bet, which are the first and last in the sequence. When you lose, you add the sum (your bet) to the end. That sounds complicated, so here is an example.


bet: 1+3=4


add 4 to the end


bet: 1+4=5


add the 5 to the end


bet: 1+5 =6


erase 1 and 5


bet: 2+4=6

The system then continues in that vein. It works pretty well, but does take some time to get used to.

The Kavouras bet

In this system, you cope with the chaos of the roulette wheel by being chaotic in your choice of bets. Basically, with this system, you bet on at least 20 numbers, and these numbers should be scattered chaotically around the wheel. You shouldn’t necessarily bet the same amount on each number either, but vary your amounts. Even if only one number hits, you are making a profit of at least one currency unit. This system also gives you the chance to vary bet sizes and strategy according to circumstance. It pays to research this strategy in more detail as it can be a great way of minimising losses for players. It is quite complex, though, and should probably be avoided by novices until they have developed some greater experience of the game.

Positional roulette

This system was devised by a roulette player called Jack Kennedy (no, not the late JFK, former president of the USA) in 1998. The system is fairly complex, and you will need to research it in detail to get a complete grasp on it. The system involves you betting on one or two sets of four numbers, so four or eight numbers in total. The numbers should be the same colour as they were on the wheel’s last spin. Each set of numbers should be consecutive on the same colour. You should avoid the last spun number, as well as numbers that have not appeared in the last 37 or 38 spins. If that sounds complicated, it’s because this is a complicated strategy. If you are a complete novice to roulette, it’s best to steer clear of this until you gain more experience. Seasoned players should research this strategy, though, as it could be quite useful for them.


You should have picked up some good ideas about which free roulette systems that work could suit you from reading this article. While not strategy can ever guarantee success at the roulette wheel, you should have got some ideas about how you can shape a winning strategy from what you have read here. Finding a roulette winning formula is all about doing your research and then putting some ideas into practice when you play. You will need to tailor your strategy based on the way that you bet, the type of roulette you favour and whether you are playing in a live online casino or not.

But the systems that we have detailed here for you can be a really useful starting point on your roulette journey. The most successful roulette strategy is one that suits your style of play and your betting strategy. Always remember that walking away from the table if you feel things are going badly is a good idea. Roulette is about entertainment and fun – if it starts to feel pressured at all, just stop playing and come back another day. Keep your mind clear and you are sure to enjoy playing roulette online, whatever system you choose to deploy!

Roulette Systems FAQs

Is there a roulette system that always works?

Roulette systems can improve your chances of winning, but there is never a guarantee of success in a game of chance like roulette. While a system, if used astutely, can bring results you need to remember that you are always at the mercy of Lady Fortune when it comes to winning games of roulette. Always only bet what you can afford and remember the game is about entertainment and you will have a great time, win or lose!

What is the safest bet in roulette?

If you do a little research into roulette systems favoured by professional players, you will often see the bet on red or black highlighted as the safest bet to place. This gives you an almost 50/50 chance of winning and is not as risky as betting on an individual number. Always remember that nothing in roulette is guaranteed, though. You are never guaranteed anything in terms of results in roulette, whatever strategy you use. You need to use your experience and judgement to calculate the odds and bet according to what you can afford.

Is there a way to beat roulette?

Gambler’s websites are full of tales about punters who managed to beat the roulette wheel with some kind of system. You should always view these stories with caution. While there might be some sensible basis to the system that they used, their victories were often a matter of pure luck. You always need to remember that where the ball lands is never guaranteed in roulette. Play for fun and entertainment at all times, and you might be lucky enough to pick up some prizes along the way.