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New Jersey Sportsbetting Sites

New Jersey has always been regarded as the pioneering state when it comes to online gambling in the USA. Over the years, New Jersey has led all of the States in terms of legislation of both land-based and online betting shops. From popular land-based casinos in Atlantic City and iconic local places like the sports betting Bayonne NJ bar to some of the best online gambling sites in the US, New Jersey has it all. On this site, sports betting enthusiasts can find objective and detailed reviews of the NJ best sports betting sites, along with tips on how to bet on sports in New Jersey, best payment methods, betting bonuses, exclusive promo codes and much more.

Betting with Real Money in New Jersey

In January 2011, the New Jersey Legislature voted a bill that allowed NJ online gambling sites to offers sports betting content to their customers over the internet. The bill covered some of the most important legislatures regarding online betting activities, including setting the legal gambling age in NJ to 21 years of age.

Two years later, in February 2013, the New Jersey Legislature passed a revised bill, which legalized online sports betting in New Jersey for a ten-year trial period. The revised bill also changed the tax legislation. Providers are required to pay a $250,000 renewal fee, alongside a $250,000 annual fee. The bill imposes a 15% tax rate on casino gambling revenue, instead of the 8% tax that was previously imposed on casinos. Players are also required to pay taxes on any winning amounts. With that in mind, this means that all of the online gambling winnings obtained at NJ gambling sites are likewise fully taxable. On the other hand, online bettors could also be able to deduct gambling losses in their tax reports, if they are able to report their online transactions with the sportsbooks accurately.

From the casino’s perspective, there are two types of sites that operate on the New Jersey sports betting market. The first type of sites are those that are registered in the state of New Jersey. Each sports betting NJ site that wants to register an address in the state operate within the state borders of New Jersey has to adhere to the legislation set in place by the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement. The second type of sites are offshore betting sites. These betting platforms are based in an offshore country that allows betting sites to operate.

The Difference between NJ-based and Offshore Sites

The main difference between the two is in the licensing authorities that approve the betting site. The best-known example of an offshore licensing authority is Curacao. It does provide online bettors with a sense of security because it is legal, but there’s no exact way to tell if it is completely safe to play at an offshore site. Offshore betting is neither legal or illegal, however, when presented with an option between the two, it is advisable to bet at a site that has an address in New Jersey over an offshore website because the platforms follow the state’s high standards of secure and fair gaming.

Regulations for Real Money Betting in New Jersey

Since New Jersey is a tightly regulated betting market, both players and online betting sites that operate in the state must fulfill the legislature’s terms and requirements to carry out their activities in a legal manner. Every sports fan that wants to engage in sports betting activities must meet the two following criteria:

  • 21 Years of Age – As mentioned above, every player must be 21 or above to engage in online betting activities. Betting platforms check for this by requesting a valid proof identification from each potential customer who tries to create an account on their site.
  • Located in the US – The player must be using a device located in New Jersey. This is verified through a GPS.


From the operator’s end, each betting site must have the following requirements, set in place by the 2013 bill, including:

  • Strict verification checks – every online operator that does business in New Jersey is tasked with enforcing a serious and in-depth verification process to verify the user’s age and location before letting them play for real money on their platform.
  • Responsible gambling – every site that operates in NJ’s jurisdiction is required to offer support to its customers and provide them with Responsible Gaming options to help them deal with potential gambling addiction problems.

Why do Betting Online in New Jersey?

Although betting in the US has only been legal for the last few years, online betting in some other countries has been present for over 20 years. Since its early years, the industry has constantly been evolving and today, offers a very rich and valuable entertainment product to all of those who venture to try it. Here are just some of the most prominent advantages of betting online in New Jersey:

Betting Bonuses

There are many reasons to sign up with a New Jersey online sports betting site, and we’ll start with one of the most obvious ones – betting bonuses and exclusive promotional deals. Bonuses that every site provides its customers with are among the best things online gambling New Jersey has to offer.  And, since there are lots of betting sites to choose from, there’s also a quality selection of various betting bonuses.

Almost every site offers at least a couple of regular bonuses to their new and existing customers, such as cashback on losses, loyalty rewards based on activity, deposit bonuses, enhanced odds, prize draws and leaderboard competitions, and many more reward-based promotions.

Convenience and Ease of Use

As one of only a handful of states that allows online gambling and betting, New Jersey offers players an opportunity to place wagers conveniently, deposit and withdraw money and enjoy betting online from the device of their choice. The sheer convenience of the process of online betting is arguably one of the biggest reasons why this activity is continuously rapidly growing in popularity in the US.

Odds are Often Better Online

Every player wants to get the most of their money when placing bets. And, on average, odds offered on online betting sites are slightly better than those in land-based casinos and betting shops. While this may not be that important to casual bettors, players who are betting regularly and are looking to get the biggest potential returns in the long run, will value the advantage online sites offer in terms of betting odds.

Variety and Accessibility

Unlike their land-based counterparts, online betting sites cover pretty much every professional competition and event that happens around the globe. With live betting, betting props and special bet options, online betting offers an unmatched level of variety to its customers. To be completely objective, we have to mention that this much variety and ease of the betting activities can also be a disadvantage for those who have trouble controlling their gambling urges. Luckily, every reputable site offers player protection and Responsible Gaming options to customers with gambling-related problems.

Factors to look for in NJ Sports Betting Sites

With a rapidly growing number of New Jersey online casinos and sports betting sites, finding the most suitable option is easier said than done. There are certain aspects to consider before committing to any particular option. With that said, while we do have separate sections where players can find the best NJ sports betting sites review pages, here are some of the most important aspects to always keep in mind when deliberating which gambling platform to register with:

Legality and Reputation

Naturally, the most important factors to look into before signing up are the site’s licenses and certificates, which can be found at the footer of every online betting site. The reputation of the betting site itself is also worth paying close attention to, like whether the casino has faced legal issues, customer complaints, and its reliability and trustworthiness.

Quality of Offer

There are no two betting sites that are identical in terms of bonuses, platform design, and betting markets. That’s why we always advise our readers to go through several reviews before choosing a site, as well as use the betting calculator to compare betting platforms and find out which ones offer the best odds. Additionally, it’s worth paying attention to different betting apps as finding the best sports app based on individual preferences can make a world of difference when betting online. Mobile betting is quickly becoming the norm, therefore some research is required as there are often exclusive mobile betting deals and bonuses available on mobile devices.

Customer Service and Software

Most players don’t pay that much attention to this part of an online casino. But when push comes to shove, having a reliable and professional customer service that can resolve any problem is a very important aspect of a quality site. We recommend opting with a site that offers multi-channel support available at all hours of the week. With that in mind, it’s also important to pick a site that comes with an easy to use and intuitive platform. The betting platform can often be a make or break factor for many players, and for a good reason. Great bonuses and rich betting markets will not do any good if the website is not user-friendly and easy to use.

Available Payment Methods

Available deposit, and even more importantly, withdrawal options are a vital part of every site’s business model. Transaction times, maximum limits and applicable fees are just some of the significant factors that differ from site to site. On the availability of specific payment methods in online sports betting NJ sites, read the FAQ section below.

FAQ Section

How do gambling sites know if I am located outside of New Jersey?

NJ online gambling sites are required to strictly check from where their potential customers are accessing their website. They do this by checking the IP address from which the access request is coming. If the user is located outside of the legal betting jurisdiction, the NJ online sports betting site will simply geo-block the access point.

What sort of payment options are allowed on New Jersey betting sites?

Seeing as it is completely legal to gamble online in New Jersey, sports betting enthusiasts can enjoy a wide array of reliable payment methods at their disposal. Among the many different payment methods available to NJ sports bettors, the most notable ones include PayPal, Neteller, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and bank wire transfer options. The availability of each payment method varies from one site to another. It’s also worth mentioning that sites often offer different withdrawal timeframes and limits, regardless if they offer the same transaction methods.

Can I gamble on regulated NJ betting sites if I am from another state?

Currently, online sports betting is still a developing industry in the US and the legislation is still not as clear-cut as it is in some other betting markets. The online betting industry is legalized on a state level, meaning that legality of it varies drastically depending on the location. NJ’s current gambling law states that you must be physically located within state borders when wagering at NJ sports betting sites. With that said, customers don’t need to be NJ residents to engage in legal sports betting activities.

Are there any legal NJ online casinos?

There’s a number of legal NJ online casinos US bettors can sign up with. As we’ve mentioned above, Sportsbetting sites are completely legal in New Jersey, as long as they are operating in accordance with the New Jersey gambling legislature. Some of the best betting sites include sites such as BetAmerica NJ and 888sports NJ. Besides the two we mentioned, new NJ betting sites are coming out regularly, and players can find detailed reviews on each of them on our website.