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YGAM launches digital Parent Hub

By Roman Peters - Contributor
1 year ago

YGAM has launched a special platform called Parent Hub for parents and carers to provide resources and support regarding youth gambling. The new project was created in partnership with research teams from Newcastle and Loughborough Universities.

The Parent Hub, which has been developed by funding from Lottoland, GVC, and Playtech, assists families with the resources, information, and activities to help build digital resilience and safeguard children.

“The enormous variety of games and in-app purchases available can make it confusing for parents to keep on top of safety controls,” said Amanda Atkinson, Head of Parental Engagement at YGAM. She also added that due to the Parent Hub, parents can get access to educational materials and crucial information on identifying changes in behaviors and understanding the effects that gambling and gaming may have on the mental and financial well-being of their child. Some of the advice according to the researches is disabling pop-ups and in-app purchases, and on-device parental controls.

YGAM also plans to offer two-hour workshops for parents of children in primary and secondary schools. The workshops will take place in schools and local communities, providing information on gambling activities, the appeal of online gambling, and loot boxes.