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Will Israeli Casinos Continue to Operate in the UK?

By Roman Peters - Contributor
2 years ago

New regulatory changes that will take place in the following two years could highly affect licensed gambling businesses, many of whom are owned by Israeli firms. In order to prevent problem gambling and tighten up the regulatory framework, the UKGC is planning to implement some radical changes like banning credit cards and stricter supervision of all marketing activities, including VIP programs.

The ban of credit cards is already a done deal and it will be put into effect on April 14th, 2020. The UK Gambling Commission introduced the ban to prevent players to gamble with money which they do not possess.

Another restriction is a ban on VIP programs that were often used as an incentive to keep players interested in the casino. This was an important marketing tool as it included bonuses, VIP tickets for popular events, free trips, and vacations, and other exclusive benefits. It is also expected that maximum stakes will be limited to £2. Today, players can still bet as high as £100 or even £500.

Advertising regulation is focused primarily on reducing the visibility of the gambling business, especially TV advertising at certain times and social media advertising.