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UKGC Statistics Reveal Growth in Online Gambling

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
1 year ago

The UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) released the latest statistics on gambling in the UK. According to the results, the total worth of the British gambling market was around £14.3 billion between October 2018 and September 2019.

Online Gambling on the Rise

The data has shown that remote casinos generated £3.2bn in GGY (Gross Gambling Yield), an increase of 3.9%. British regulator reports how online gambling holds the largest share of the market at 38.6%.

Furthermore, the latest statistics proved that Online Slots accounted for 69.3% of the revenue, followed by Roulette at 13.5%, and Blackjack with 6.1%. Even though online slots and table games have made a large part of the GGY during the time of research, other types of gambling have also increased. For example, Online Betting totaled £2.1 billion, and Online Bingo grew to £198.1 million, which is an increase of 12.5%. The most popular categories in sports betting were Horse racing, Football, Boxing, Tennis, and Golf.

Statista, a website specialized in statistics, published that 23.1% of all British punters are aged between 25 and 34, while 22.7% of them fall in the group aged from 55 to 64. Also, 22% of the UK gamblers are anywhere between 35 and 54 years old.