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UKGC Opens Consultation on VIP Customers

By Stuart Gunther - Contributor
1 year ago

The UKGC has laid out a new set of measures aimed at changing the way VIP schemes are offered to customers. VIP incentives have been a hot topic since earlier this year, and last week, the Gambling-Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group called for a total ban of loyalty schemes.

The Commission also published a report on the progress made by the industry in these areas. UKGC’s next step is to ensure faster progress in raising industry standards concerning VIP incentives, responsible products and game designs, and online advertising.

New Treatment for VIP Customers

Actions regarding VIP clubs will include regular full customer assessments before offering any rewards. Also, all VIP loyalty programs will have to be conducted with consistent and transparent practices to help prevent gambling-related harm and shouldn’t be offered to customers under 25 years of age. A senior board member will be held accountable for how VIP programs are structured.

The Commission believes these measures can address the loyalty schemes’ growing issues if implemented to the Licence Code and Conditions of Practice (LCCP) within the next three months and is seeking views on the proposed changes. The UKGC will measure the effectiveness through assessments and monitoring systems.