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UKGC cuts down its staff

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
1 year ago

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission may introduce employee redundancies in aim to save £1million. In the past, the UKGC frequently claimed to be understaffed and underfunded.

They did not want to specify the precise number of layoffs but has confirmed a new organizational structure is in progress, and a commission spokesperson said the changes will ensure the regulatory body to be more “agile”.

Concerns about UKGC’s effectiveness

The planned cut downs come despite concerns of the Commission’s ability to effectively regulate the casino industry, this has been expressed in three separate reports by the public accounts committee, a House of Lords select committee, and a cross-party group of MPs. All reports mention how it is questionable whether a regulator with an annual budget of £19million can control an industry that takes about £14bn a year from punters.

“It is for the Gambling Commission to decide how to up its game as radically as is required but, given the huge gaps in its understanding of harms from the gambling industry in the UK and the tortoise-like progress it has made on adapting the rules to tackle those harms, it is hard to see how cutting its staff resource is the answer,” said Meg Hillier, the Public Accounts Committee chair.