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Tote Unveils New Features for British Racing

By Cecil Cabot - Contributor
2 years ago

The UK Tote Group has announced a series of innovations for players just before the return of British horse racing. The first race took place in Newcastle on 1st June, after more than a 2-month suspension.

The Tote reintroduced its ‘Tote Ten to Follow’ competition. There are three Leagues with big prizes and by paying just £5, players can select their horses and stables as well as join the main League and win 70% of the pool as well. 30% of the pool will be distributed between 2nd to 100th place.

There are also the Free-to-Play League and Charity League, with a £5,000 top prize each. Tote added monthly prizes from June to September, including £10,000 and £1,000 for the top players each month in the main League and Free-to-Play League respectively.

Players can now also amend their stables up until Tuesday 16th June ahead of the first day of Royal Ascot. Users can design silks for their stables and create small private leagues in “Simple” and “Pro” modes to compete against their friends. The Tote will also be offering its new Pool Guarantee Service (PGS) to ensure more stable prices and more robust pools.