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Tobias Fagerlund ends CEO tenure with Global Gaming

By Allison Shor - Contributor
1 year ago

Tobias Fagerlund, CEO of Global Gaming 555, has confirmed that he will step down from his position ‘with immediate effect’. Announced by the group’s board of directors, Fagerlund will still remain at the disposal of both Global Gaming and the board.

“It is my opinion that Tobias during his time as CEO led Global Gaming in a very meritorious way. Tobia has implemented a large package of restructuring measures and shown evidence of strong and clear leadership that was absolutely necessary for the company,” explained Niklas Braathen, Chairman of the board of Global Gaming.

The resignation comes as the online gambling operator enters a ‘new phase’ which requires its leadership to operate from Estonia and Malta, where its units are located.

Fagerlund was appointed as the acting CEO of Global Gaming in April 2019, following the resignation of former incumbent Joacim Möller as the online gambling group went under investigation by Swedish regulator Spelinspektionen of ‘serious operating deficiencies’.

During his tenure, Fagerlund would lead a series of unsuccessful high court appeals against Spelinspektionen licence revocation of flagship brand Ninja Casino.

Christian Rasmussen will take the reins as the company’s new Acting CEO and is expected to handle the position on a consultative basis.

Global Gaming intends to initiate a recruitment process with the aim of seeking a new CEO.