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The UKCG Reminds Gambling Sites to Follow Compliance

By Gavin Dank - Contributor
2 years ago

The UK Gambling Commission issued a statement warning licensed online betting companies to stay fair and not abuse opportunities that are the result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Commission reminded licensees how they need to continue protecting their customers, especially as more of them turn to online gambling due to social distancing.

The UKGC explained that in these circumstances, many people are being instructed to work from home where temptation is more likely. Therefore, gambling sites should closely follow whether the users are playing recklessly or spending more time and money than usual. In their statement, they reminded companies to “continue to act responsibly, especially in regards to individual customer affordability and increased social responsibility interactions,” while accentuating the fact that many individuals are facing uncertain income.

With retail casinos closing their doors, the online gambling business is growing strong, so the UKGC emphasized the importance of generating new customers in a respectable way, as well as not abusing the current market situation for unethical marketing purposes.

In the past few weeks, several gambling sites opted for questionable marketing practices, including advertising as “corona-free”.

The Commission advised licensees to ensure sufficient staff to oversee everything needed to honor their license or consider full suspension of their offerings until they fully comply with regulations.