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The Stars Group introduces PokerStars Sports

By Roman Peters - Contributor
2 years ago

The Stars Group, the company behind the most popular online poker room, PokerStars has made a switch from BetStars sportsbooks brand to PokerStars Sports. This move was made as a part of the previously announced plan to boost its PokerStars brand.

The change has occurred around April 23st on a global level, and both local and international websites are now redirecting users from BetStars to PokerStars domains.

The Growth of the PokerStars Brand

The switch to the PokerStar Sports is a part of The Stars Group strategy that includes bringing several key gambling products such as online poker, sports betting and online casino, under the PokerStars brand.

News about the rebranding of BetStars brand emerged last summer when CEO Rafi Ashkenazi announced their main goal will be to promote two master brands: “One is the PokerStars brand and the other one would be the Sky Bet. So, in markets where we operate PokerStars and we don’t have great brand equity in Sky Bet, we are likely to move away from BetStars and start promoting PokerStars Sports.”

Ashkenazi also noted how this approach will help them get “more marketing efficiencies” in the markets where its master brands are present.