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The National Lottery will Donate £300M to fight Coronavirus Crisis

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
2 years ago

The UK National Lottery has announced that it will donate £300 million to support those who are most affected by the coronavirus crisis. The donations will be assigned through the National Lottery Community Fund.

The initiative will provide funding to different charities and organizations that are supporting those affected by the crisis., including food banks and charities providing help to elderlies. The National Lottery announced this news after it was reported it will set the record in ticket sales by the end of the financial year in May. They described their donation as ‘the UK’s biggest non-governmental contribution to the efforts in local communities to combat Covid-19.’

“Up to £300m raised by National Lottery players will be used to help fund vital work in local communities at a time when it’s needed the most.”

Neil Railton – the CEO of Camelot, a company that owns The National Lottery – explained how The National Lottery represents a huge part of the everyday life for Britons all across the country. According to him, players from all over the UK have raised over £40 billion to support different good causes. and now it’s time for their company to give back to the community.