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Sky Bet Championship to Restart on 20th June

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
2 years ago

The Sky Bet Championship announced it’s making a comeback on the 20th of June after the English Football League (EFL) agreed on the return date.

The EFL issued a statement in which they explain how they will comply with the Government’s requirements and all elite sporting events will return behind closed doors. They also mentioned how the 20th June is only a provisional date for the Sky Bet Championship resume, as they have to plan on how to execute all safety and health measurements. All clubs must receive clearance from their authorities to stage matches at their home grounds.

The EFL also concluded that it is important to complete the Sky Bet Championship season in a similar timeline to that of the Premier League to avoid any potential issues with promoted and redelegated clubs. Sky Bet finals are currently scheduled for 30th July 2020.

According to the statement, the English Football League also considers allowing the use of five substitutes in remaining matches, increasing the teams from 18 to 20 players. The teams are returning to their training schedule later this week.

On Saturday, the EFL confirmed how, out of all COVID-19 tests performed on team members and club staff, 10 turned out as positive.