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Scottish government lifts restrictions on bookmakers

By Roman Peters - Contributor
1 year ago

The Scottish Government has confirmed they are revoking in-store restrictions for betting shops, previously established by the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP).

BGC Chief Executive, Michael Dugher, praised the new decision and said betting shops can now help kickstart the economy:

“This is great news for Scotland’s betting shops and the hardworking staff they employ. We have always said that the extra restrictions imposed on Scottish betting shops were unnecessary. We are delighted that the Scottish government has listened and responded.”

Scottish betting shops were allowed to reopen on June 29th, but the last-minute orders by the SNP forced shops to remove in-store seating, as well as turn-off machines and all live sports broadcasts. The SNP explained that these orders had been issued to “avoid clusters of people gathering to watch live sport.”

According to the British Gaming Council (BGC), SNP’s measures and orders have cost 900 Scottish bookies 95% in profits as customers turned to crossing the border to England to place their bets there instead. The BGC also started to campaign against “draconian orders” and argued that the SNP was directly putting 4,500 jobs in danger.