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Rightlander Launches Social Responsibility Report

By Stuart Gunther - Contributor
2 years ago

Rightlander, one of the leading providers of iGaming affiliate compliance software, has launched a new monitoring system. The system will help operators highlight affiliate issues regarding social responsibility and customer protection.

The new feature named Social Responsibility Report will be available for the operators focused on the UK and Swedish markets. It contains all essentials needed for monitoring marketing messages that affiliates are sending via their marketing materials, websites and social networks.

Ian Sims, the founder of Rightlander, emphasizes how regulators put a lot of effort into ensuring that the iGaming industry adopts social responsibility on all levels.

He believes how every operator must start with fundamentals and the Social Responsibility Report is designed to provide all essentials as a starting point on which they can build their affiliate compliance strategy. Sims explained how the Report will initially be available to brands offering iGaming services in the UK and Sweden, but they plan to expand on other markets as well.

Social Responsibility Report is a package of features that will allow operators to find illegal marketing materials targeting minors, self-excluded gamblers, as well as unethical marketing messages promoted by affiliates. The Report also includes PPC monitoring of Google, social media and affiliate websites.