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Ralph Topping: “UK could be a world leader in safer gambling”

By Cecil Cabot - Contributor
1 year ago

Ralph Topping, the former Group CEO of the William Hill Plc who has been inducted into the Sports Betting Hall of Fame this week, believes the UK could be an industry role model and exporting gambling expertise if only the Government had a clear vision for the sector.

Topping sees the United Kingdom as the world leader in the gambling industry and accentuates the fact of how British bookmakers are in demand across the globe.

“I think if we had a strong Government, they would realize that and look at the prospects for developing that kind of industry. As it is, they have a record for killing off strong industries as they never sat down and thought about where they want it to go and I think we are in that situation at the moment. It is a pity.” He said in an interview for SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital.

The former executive mentioned gambling pressure groups should have a more holistic approach and focus on the future of the industry, and not only on current issues. Topping invited them to communicate and debate with the industry, and then decide reasonably what they wish to see happen in the UK.