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Pinnacle Becomes a Sponsor of Flashpoint eSports League

By Roman Peters - Contributor
2 years ago

The betting operator, Pinnacle has announced they will be sponsoring Flashpoint eSports league for the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Curaçao-based betting company is Counter-Stike’s first official partner, and they will sponsor pre-show activities as well as fan polls for featured matches, and latest odds for in-play betting.

Flashpoint is the first team-owned CS:GO league, and KentWakeford – co-founder of one of the founding teams – expressed excitement and hope in a long and fruitful collaboration. He stated how the Flashpoint league is built for the fans, and Pinnacle can help them engage with their audience in ways that they have not done before.

The new CS:GO League was unveiled on the 5th February and in their first year, they ensured £1,540,450 in prize winnings for competing teams. At the same time, Pinnacle will offer an exciting betting experience for all eSports fans and according to their CEO, Paris Smith, it will further increase the operator’s presence in the eSports community.

Flashpoint’s opening weekend will take place on 13th March in Los Angeles where eight teams from North America, South America and Europe will compete to see who comes out on top. These eight teams had achieved the highest results from 1,800 teams that competed during the qualifying rounds in February. The qualifying rounds were also sponsored by Pinnacle.