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Paddy Power launches sitcom ads with ex pundits

By Roman Peters - Contributor
1 year ago

Online casino gaming and sports betting company Paddy Power has just released the pilot episode of its exciting new sitcom online series. New episodes can be expected every Saturday across Paddy Power’s social media channels such as YouTube.

In the series, titled “Pundits”, we follow Soccer Saturday stars Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas, and Matt Le Tissier as they try to launch their own rival TV show – Score Saturday, after being sacked the month before.

The first episode of the sitcom, which was released on Saturday 12th September, shows former pundits use an ancient camcorder and some bedsheets as they improvise in a small TV studio and do their best to get back on their feet. Across two further installments, we will see them prepare for a new opportunity in TV, learn more about the modern world of football and finally, contact the spirit world for some pointers.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power made a cheeky statement: “We’ve managed to get the gang back together, and we see what their lives are like now as they live together and try to navigate the new world of football. We cannot confirm or deny how accurate it is to the truth.”