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National Lottery Community Fund issues £14m to tackle climate change

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
1 year ago

The National Lottery Community Fund, the independent public body responsible for distributing grants raised by the National Lottery, has confirmed that £14 million will be directly distributed to community organizations tackling climate change.

The funding is part of the National Lottery-funded Climate Action Fund, a ten-year £100 million fund (launched in 2019) that is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of communities and support community-led movements which can take lead in fighting climate change. It aims to seek and establish a network of groups and organizations and share insights and learnings on how to improve environmental standards and public awareness of climate change at a local level.

Director and Environmental Lead, John Rose, at The National Lottery Community Fund has commented: “We know the local community is at the heart of delivering solutions that not only minimize the impact on the environment but also offer additional benefits that people and communities can reap.”

Recipients of the funding include the Middlesbrough Environment City Trust for its effort in sustainable food, transport, domestic energy use and more, and the Women’s Environmental Network Trust to run a range of sustainable community food projects in London.

Since April 2013, the National Lottery Community Fund awarded more than £340 million to environmental projects, providing direct funding to upwards of 4,800 grants.