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Keep Entertained with eSports

By Allison Shor - Contributor
2 years ago

With major sports events like Premier League, NBA, UEFA European Championship, and others being postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic, sportsbooks are looking for new betting opportunities to offer their punters. Esports turned out to be a logical choice as the competitions in this category are not affected by the coronavirus.

Esports Survive the Corona Pandemic

Quentin Martin – the CEO of eSports betting site, Luckbox – has explained how the esports industry has also faced some challenges due to the coronavirus, but above it all, it has proven to be more resilient than traditional sports. Esports are operated with players scattered all across the globe as they play online, with no physical contact involved. There were some changes in the esports calendar, but most events will still take place with players in their own homes.

Martin admits how playing in an arena, in front of the fans makes a great atmosphere, but live stream technology keeps esports alive in times when other major sports events are being canceled. According to him, punters are switching to esports as an alternative for traditional sports betting.

He also has numbers to back up his statements with his company experiencing a 54% increase in new player registrations since the Premier League has been postponed last week.