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Is the Premier League coming back in June?

By Roman Peters - Contributor
2 years ago

Premier League clubs are hoping to restart games from June 8, but under the following certain conditions:

  • Matches must be played behind closed doors.
  • Everyone involved will have to test for COVID-19.

If the Premier League gets a green light, it will get a spirited welcome back from the sports betting industry.

Five Weeks of Football Fever

Considering how the Premier League is one of the most revenue-generating leagues in global sport, many online sportsbooks are looking forward to having football featured again on their platform. During the pandemic, punters had to rely on more obscure categories and minor sports to get a dose of sports entertainment. However, five intense weeks of football fever will pose as a moral dilemma across all operators as responsible gambling measures, compliance, and treatment of problem gamblers are becoming an increasing concern.

It is predicted that the footballers will have three weeks of intense training to regain their fitness level. Premier League hopes they will complete ninety-two matches in five weeks, which means there will be a game every three days. Such a high tempo will require changes in certain rules such as the number of players allowed in Premier League teams.