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Introducing ‘Football Survivor’ the betting app for generation TikTok

By Allison Shor - Contributor
1 year ago

The social betting app ‘Football Survivor’ has launched, bringing the fan-favorite ‘killer-last man standing’ game to football pools.

Football Survivor is a straightforward football pools knockout game that sees players pick one team to win in a single Premier League gameweek. Correct selections will proceed to the next matchday whereas incorrect picks are eliminated.

Players can only choose one team at a time, so it is important to be strategic in your selections in order to become the last man standing and win the league’s prize pot of entry fees.

The mobile app was developed by social media entrepreneur Olly Joshi, the former founder of ‘WantMyBet’, the YouTube football channel and betting community.

“Football Survivor is offering a fresh reactive take on Football betting. We’re taking betting back to basics with one pick, strategy lead, quick and easy to play game. In doing so, we hope to bring down barriers to entry and appeal to a wide football fan audience,” Joshi describes.

While Football Survivor’s format may appear simplistic, Joshi believes it to be the game’s most appealing dynamic in which the app seeks to engage with fresh football audiences (Gen-Z consumers) on social media apps such as WhatsApp and TikTok.