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GVC Holdings suggest changes to “one size fits all online stake limit”

By Allison Shor - Contributor
2 years ago

The GVC executive, Martin Lycka has warned how the gambling limit of £50, recommended by the APPG, is not the answer nor will help to keep players safe in times of coronavirus crisis. On the contrary, he believes how such “one size fits all” limits can drive players to the unregulated online casinos.

Lycka also explained how the entire online casino industry is taking responsibility for providing safe and responsible gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes how a cap of £50 is counterproductive as some players in self-isolation can spend less than the others. So the question is, where to draw the line and set the limit?

Will Customers Turn to Unregulated Casinos?

“If the customer demand can’t be satisfied, there will be a certain number of punters who might be driven away from the regulated market,” warned Lycka. He moved on to remind that players can simply turn their back to the licensed online casinos and gamble with operators who set no restrictions during the lockdown.

The GVC exec stated how it would be better to encourage customers to stay within the regulated market and suggested background checks that would enable both the operator and the customer to assess the spending limits.