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GBGB’s ‘Five-Phase Approach’ to Resuming Competitions

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
2 years ago

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has revealed its five-phase plan ahead of resuming sporting events. All trials should take place behind closed doors, but only after the government has given a green light and lifted restrictions.

The GBGB and an industry-led working group have managed to create, what they believe to be, a balance between necessary requirements, safety and welfare, and sport’s integrity. According to their five-phase plan, every phase should last at least two weeks.

“We hope to be able to begin phase one – behind closed doors trials – as early as Monday 18th May,” announced Mark Bird, Director of GBGB.

Phase two will also commence behind closed doors with a maximum of 10 races at a minimum of 30-minute gaps between races.

Phase three will introduce a maximum of 12 races, still behind closed doors, with a minimum gap of 25 minutes between races.

In phase four, the limit on the number of races will be removed, but the gap of 20 minutes will remain.

Finally in phase five, we should witness the horseracing coming back to normal, subject to government guidance on social distancing and public gatherings.