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Gambling software developers face issues in Belarus

By Allison Shor - Contributor
1 year ago

The Internet shutdown by the protests in Belarus has negatively impacted the IT business, which includes gaming software developers.

According to, the total number of IT employees in the country has reached 60 thousand people. The disconnection of the Internet forced 500 executives of various companies to sign the letter, which states the existing risks that all achievements in the field of high technologies may be lost.

Ivan Montik, the Founder of the SoftSwiss group of companies, reports that up to 60 employees working from Belarus have been relocated outside the country.

Launched in 2008 with the initial aim of developing online auction software, SoftSwiss moved to creating software for the management of online casinos and betting sites in 2012, and this situation significantly affects their development.

As described by Montik, SoftSwiss has highly loaded systems and a large number of active players – about 400,000 in more than 60 projects that need to be supported every minute, day and night. The company employs several hundred workers in total in Belarus, and if the lack of access to the Internet does not change, there is no other alternative than moving all employees to another country.