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Gambling Firms to Stop Advertising During Lockdown

By Allison Shor - Contributor
2 years ago

British gambling companies have come to a consensus to stop all TV and radio advertising for games and products during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Betting and Gaming Council explained that members voluntarily agreed to remove all advertising for at least the next six weeks. The BGC, which represents 90% of all British gambling companies (including bingo, sports betting, and casino firms), said how the already booked ads on TV and radio will be removed in case contracts permit. Otherwise, the advertisements will be replaced with messages about safe and responsible gambling.

“This latest move by the regulated industry further underlines our commitment to safer betting and gaming with many people cut off and feeling anxious,” said Michael Dugher, the BGC’s Chief Executive. He later added how he hopes that all major gambling operators, including the National Lottery, will follow their lead.

All BCG members have until 7 May to remove their ads or replace them with appropriate content. For now, the ban is active until at least 5 June. Still, companies can continue to use alternative marketing channels such as social media, newsletters, text messages, etc. Some members of the parliament noted how this is something that should have been done from the first day of lockdown.