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Gamblers Turn to Risky Choices While on Lockdown

By Joe Gamp - Contributor
2 years ago

With major sports and social events being canceled across the globe, some of the UK’s biggest gambling sites have noticed that their users are turning back to sports betting and are focusing on the riskier casino and slot games.

888 Holding – owner of the popular 888 Casino – has commented on how cancellations of big sports events caused cutting income from sports betting. However, they have evidence that their users are migrating towards alternative forms of gambling, like classic casino games and poker to compensate for the lack of good betting opportunities. 888 Holdings also mentioned how they are doing everything in their power to spot any signs of problem gambling as they understand how people are spending more time at home and facing economic uncertainty.

Earlier this week, the members of Parliament requested that online gambling companies impose a daily betting cap of £50, but their proposal remained unanswered. Recently, some online casinos have wrongfully started advertising themselves as “corona-free” in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused 21,000+ deaths worldwide.

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