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GambleAware hits record charity donations

By Allison Shor - Contributor
1 year ago

GambleAware has received a record of £10million in funding from UK operators in the 2019/2020 season, making this the highest annual funding figures in the charity’s history.

What is GambleAware?

GambleAware is one of the leading gambling addiction awareness charities in the UK. Despite the entertainment that casino games can offer, it is important to recognize the negative effects that they impose on people’s lives. GambleAware is equipped with the resources that people need to get help.

Some of the biggest iGaming companies in the UK stand alongside GambleAware and support their endeavors. GambleAware’s logo can be found in the footer of online gambling platforms which have their players’ best interests at heart, displaying that it promotes safe gambling. Some of these brands include William Hill and Bet365.

GambleAware Campaigns

GambleAware currently runs a massive safer gambling campaign that much of this £10million donation will be put towards. This is a key responsible gambling campaign which will last until 2021.

A key part of this is the BetRegret campaign which aims to bring awareness to the feeling of guilt players get when placing a bet they know that they shouldn’t, and how to teach yourself to make better judgments and approach gambling with a much healthier mindset.