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GambleAware: Experts by experience must join the discussion

By Allison Shor - Contributor
1 year ago

According to a new report commissioned by GambleAware and undertaken by King’s College London, there is little evidence that those with experience of gambling-related harm participate in the discussion of the subject.

The study concluded how there are several underrepresented groups that should be engaged and heard such as women, young people, vulnerable adults, and minority ethnic groups. Researchers identified the need for the creation of a national group or infrastructure that would include those who fought gambling addiction and give them a chance to express their opinions.

Marc Etches, CEO of GambleAware, explained: “The findings have shown how important it is to capture the diverse range of views available to help improve and strengthen existing research, education and treatment and prevention initiatives while making clear that any new representative network of people from the lived experience community would need to be entirely independent.”

The research team also delivered several suggestions on how organizations can improve the level of diversity, including regular review of all activities to involve more people with experience, having community members with lived experience represented in the governance and infrastructure of organizations, and encouraging and maintaining regular involvement with those who have lived experience.