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Denmark Closes 25 ILLEGAL Casinos

By Stuart Gunther - Contributor
2 years ago

Denmark’s gambling regulator – Spillemyndigheden – has revealed that access to 25 gambling sites has been blocked to dampen illegal activity in the country.

Working alongside the Danish Tax Authority, the regulator performed searches on 500+ websites. In their investigation, around 10 websites were found to operating illegally which prompted the Spillemyndigheden to file court petitions to encourage internet service providers to block access to these sites. These cases are expected to conclude towards the end of this year.

After expanding its search to cover potentially illegal content such as skin betting in 2018, 110 websites were reviewed in 2019 with closer examination carried out for 6. In total, petitions were filed to have ISPs block access to 15 sites.

Under the Gambling Act, Spillemyndigheden does not have jurisdiction over illegal land-based gambling. However, they do assist the Danish police force when and where required. For instance, they contributed to 19 cases where land-based gaming venues were found to offer poker and slot machines without official certification.

Spillemyndigheden’s work has made a positive impact and rightfully channels players to gamble at fair-to-play and legal establishments. Based on research conducted by H2 Gambling Capital, Spillemyndigheden claims that an estimated 91.54% of gambling spend occurred through authorized channels.