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Casinos in England to Reopen on August 1st

By Roman Peters - Contributor
1 year ago

After over 4 months of inactivity due to COVID, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that all English casinos will reopen their doors on Saturday 1st August. The Betting and Gaming Council, who have lobbied for weeks to reopen these establishments, warmly welcomed this decision.

“BGC casino members went the extra mile to meet strict COVID guidelines some weeks ago but were left in the dark as to when they would be allowed to reopen,” said BGC Chief Executive Michael Dugher. He added: “I am delighted that they can now play their part in supporting the recovery of the tourism and hospitality sector.”

The Betting and Gaming Council called on Wales and Scotland to set dates for their reviving as well. In Dugher’s opinion, local governments should give green light to move forward as it will protect 2,000 jobs in Scottish and Welsh casinos.

Casinos in England employ more than 12,000 people and contribute nearly £300 million in tax to the Exchequer. In addition to that, they have an essential role in the tourism economy contributing nearly £4 million a week. Betting shops in England reopened on the 15th June while bingo halls resumed operation on 4th July.