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Camelot Group revamps September’s schedule of the National Lottery

By Allison Shor - Contributor
1 year ago

Camelot is looking to boost the general public’s engagement with UK high street retailers to help them recover from lockdown.

Announced as its ‘Big September’ makeover, the National Lottery will host an additional three ‘Must be Won’ draws next month providing its retailed with further weekly millionaire draws to promote to the public.

The special draws will kick off with a £20m Lotto ‘Must be Won’ draw on Saturday 5 September. This will then be followed by two mega EuroMillions draws – one guaranteeing 20 UK millionaires on Friday 18 September and one offering a boosted jackpot of more than £100m on Friday 25 September.

Further enticement from Camelot is a ‘new lotto rule’ where players who match two numbers in ‘Must Be Won’ draws will be rewarded with a £5 prize and a free Lucky Dip31 should the main jackpot not be matched by six numbers – previously the jackpot was only shared between cash prize winners.

“We’ve got three fantastic draws lined up in September to get National Lottery players excited, as well as to provide a commission and football boost for our 44,000 retail partners,” said Neil Brocklehurst, Camelot’s Commercial Director.