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Bundesliga Season to Restart on 16th May

By Roman Peters - Contributor
2 years ago

The German Football League (DFL) announced that Bundesliga will be returning on Saturday 16th May. Bundesliga will be the first major European league to resume competition amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the first day, several games will take place, including the derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke. The DFL is putting a lot of effort into finishing the season by the 30th June to keep up with contracts signed with sponsors and broadcasters. They also warned how any further delay could have catastrophic consequences for some clubs.

Christian Seifert, the league’s CEO also mentioned that the 27th or 28th June is currently the most likely date for the final match.

The decision was made after the chancellor, Angela Merkel gave the green light for games in both Bundesliga and the second division.

All matches will take place behind closed doors and the competition will resume under the terms of strict health protocols. The DFL has commented that, on average, there will be around 300 people inside the stadiums during the matches.

Bundesliga clubs have been already training for a month and will be regularly tested for coronavirus. Players will also have to spend time in quarantine before the competition restarts.