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Betting for the Premier League

By Roman Peters - Contributor
1 year ago

English sportsbooks have resumed their activities earlier this week, two days before the return of Premier League on Wednesday 17th June, to ensure punters get a chance to place their bets ahead of the matches. Prior to resuming the English Premier League, all sports events were canceled for over 100 days, and this raised conversations amongst industry leaders who agree that betting after the COVID-19 pandemic will not be the same.

Nikos Kostakis, Vice President at Sportsbook at SG Digital, said that information on athletes’ form from a few months ago will no longer provide accurate information regarding footballers’ performance.

Edward Pearce, Managing Director at Sporting Solutions added that the increased number of substitutes is without a precedent as some problems can be solved by using advanced tools which analyzes performance trends in similar circumstances.

CCO at Pronet Gaming, Bobby Longhurst has voiced his belief where a lack of information about performance will not affect all types of bets. “Reduced information is never a good thing as it makes it more difficult to predict an outcome. Although this is true, player prop bets like Lewandowski to score anytime or Haaland to score first remain a favorite pick for recreational players.”

He also explained how with nine substitutes, five changes, and a tight schedule, player prop bets are more attractive than ever.