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Are Football Fans Returning to Stadiums?

By Roman Peters - Contributor
1 year ago

The Premier League’s Chief Executive Richard Masters has expressed his excitement to see football recommence but shared that there have been discussions about allowing fans to attend the matches inside stadiums. The EPL resumed yesterday (17th June) after over 100 days of hiatus.

“Whilst it’ll feel different, hopefully what’s riding on the games, the quality of the football and the passion, some of the Premier League will still come through,” Masters added that he hopes the audience will return as soon as possible, but only when it’s safe for everyone again.

He has also asked fans not to congregate outside stadiums as such behavior puts the entire competition at risk.

“By turning up to the game, you are potentially putting it in jeopardy, something that we’ve worked hard for, which is to play those matches at home and away,” he warned.

The League is also involved in a cross-sport discussion with the Government over the return of supporters. Sports minister Nigel Huddleston stated how allowing fans to return is the final step of the government’s five-step plan for the resumption of elite sport, but only with social distancing measures imposed to prevent further spread of COVID-19.