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Anti-Gambling Campaigners call for £50 Online Betting Limit

By Cecil Cabot - Contributor
1 year ago

Anti-Gambling campaigners in the UK have called the authorities to impose a £50 weekly betting limit for sports fans as they believe the return of sport could make a major impact on problem gamblers. The English Premier League is set to return tomorrow on the 17th of June, but while football fans across the country are celebrating the comeback of their favorite sport, campaigners took a chance to express their concerns.

A survey by the Clean Up Gambling group found most people want new rules to protect punters from gambling-related harm. More than two-thirds of survey participants supported a stake cap of £5. They also supported the idea of a £50-a-week deposit limit for all online gambling accounts.

Clean Up Gambling group spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin said it is expected there will be made around £280 million in football bets when the Premier League restarts.

“The public’s view is clear: there should be reasonable limits. The Government should review this as soon as possible to bring our outdated gambling laws into the digital age,” Zarb-Cousin added.

An all-party parliamentary group of more than 50 MPs is also campaigning against gambling-related harm and is expected to recommend new limits imposed on stakes, deposits, and games.