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Age limit for National Lottery Scratchcard could be raised to 18

By Rebecca Latios - Contributor
1 year ago

According to the UK Minister for Sport and Civil Society, Mims Davies, the minimum age to play National Lottery scratchcards and online instant win games should be increased to 18 to protect vulnerable young people.

The current age limit for all National Lottery games is 16, and the government will now consult on whether it should be raised to 18 for some or all National Lottery games and products, although risks of gambling-related harm are considered to be low on all their games.

In addition to this, the Government announced they will raise the society lotteries’ annual sales limit to £50 million, which increases the money they can raise for good causes and the maximum per draw prize to £500,000.

“These measures will ensure we create the best landscape so people across our communities can continue to benefit,” Davies commented. She added that the authorities are open to feedback on changes including various lottery products.

Davies also suggested how a ‘split could be the best approach,’ which would involve raising the age limit for instant win games while draw-based games, such as Lotto, could remain at 16.