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32Red Launches ‘Know Your Limits’ Ad with Wayne Rooney

By Roman Peters - Contributor
2 years ago

32Red, a brand owned by the Kindred Group, have recently released an educational ad with Wayne Rooney, Carl Frampton, and Paddy Brennan. The ad is a part of 32Red’s ‘Know Your Limits’ campaign that encourages responsible gambling.

An instant success, the ‘Know Your Limits’ campaign had three episodes starring football star Wayne Rooney, boxer champion Carl Frampton, and famous jockey Paddy Brennan. The final episode focuses on their advice on how to gamble responsibly whilst continuing to have fun.

In their media release, Kindred Group mentioned this is only a small segment of a much bigger plan to keep their punters safe: “We have developed a strong set of responsible gambling messaging to keep players safe and in control. We have utilized this across a number of sports. In UK football, we use our front of shirt sponsorship across various clubs (i.e. Rangers, Leeds, Derby, Preston, and Middlesbrough) to include our responsible gambling messages whenever two 32Red teams play each other.”

The last episode revolved around the UKGC’s commitments to actively promote deposit limits and ensure appropriate and responsible advertising at all times.