Dutching Bet Calculator

Dutching, also known as Dutch betting, is a betting system that aims to provide the bettor with increased chances of profit. Dutching is used in football and horse racing and it can have several variations in its composition, depending on the number of selections being played. Dutching allows players to bet on two opposing selections where at least one selection will be a winning one. If more than one selection wins, the pay-out increases, but if all of them lose, the entire ticket collapses.

What is a Dutching Bet Calculator?

The dutching bet calculator offers risk-free profit in specific combinations. This type of calculator helps players to analyse the split of their stake as well as their final odds when dutching a bet. Players can dutch their bets when they encounter a game with two or more outcomes. The combination of these outcomes always returns a profit no matter who wins.

How to Calculate your Dutch Bet

A dutching bet is calculated only for selections that offer at least 2.0 odds for each possible outcome. This can be done online by going to a dutching bet calculator and inputing the selections that you want to play, and wagering the required amounts on, covering two outcomes.

There are online tools that assist players in easily finding potential dutching bets where there is a guaranteed, mathematical chance of profit. These tools can be used to find selections offering appropriate odds, but also to calculate the bets on each selection. Make sure you split your wagering accordingly by putting a smaller wager on selections with higher odds and a larger wager on selections with lower odds until it balances out in the middle – this is your optimal bet and it will bring the highest possible profits every time.

Fractions vs Decimals

Although dutching traditionally uses fractions, dutching bet calculators can use both fractions and decimals – it’s all down to the player making the selection. The dutching bet calculator does the math automatically regardless of the form of the odds.

Dutching Example

For example, United and Barcelona are playing and one of them has 3.0 odds while the other has 2.1 odds to win. This means these two selections are eligible for dutching. If you have £100 to bet, the calculator helps you split that bet to create an optimal wager. In this case, the optimal wager would be to place £59 on the 2.1 outcome (£59 x 2.1) and £41 on the 3.0 outcome (£41 x 3.0). Place these bets as singles and relax because in this case, the profit would be just over £23 as you win around £123 (before commission) no matter who wins! This can also be done with 3 or more selections.

When to Use a Dutching Bet Calculator

Bettors use the dutching bet calculator when they can play multiple profitable outcomes in a single game. While primarily used in football and horse racing, this type of calculator can be used with a large number of sports as players only wager single bets with odds larger than 2 – which can be found everywhere. The essence of dutching is calculating two bets with different wagers but equal pay-outs – any bets that fit these criteria should be considered for dutching. Check out our reviews of the best sports betting sites to get the best odds on your next dutching bet.